March 29th, 2007


Life Tables

Hello all,

I am still extremely busy, working on the paper I am presenting at the FAS conference. I took today off from doing the osteological work to confirm that I could still do the required math for the life tables. What are life tables? Basically, for this type of investigation they are an important tool for paleodemographic analysis that includes things like death rates, survivorship, and life expectancy (FYI, more general information can be found on the Life Tables entry in Wikipedia). So, was I able to remember how to do them? Yes, but only with quite a bit of arduous and tedious effort. Essentially, I had to use a combination of old college notes, various books and articles, along with reviewing a bunch of online sources. Still, at least now I am confident that once the last bits of data are collected, I can do the required math for proper analysis.