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Archaeological Dig, GCAS Meeting

Hello everyone,

I spent yesterday in the field doing some excavation. Three of us drove up to a site near Sebring. The locality was horse country and was relatively flat and open. The worst problem was some thick underbrush in some areas. In total, we put in 11 shovel tests. These tests went down about a meter, or down to the water table. Incase you are wondering, we found absolutely nothing. I do have some photos and video from this day, and they are in line to be edited and uploaded.

However, I have had the chance to upload some photos from the last Gold Coast Anthropological Society Meeting. Basically, before the meeting I decided to take some shots of the new T-Shirts and of the skulls that were used for the February Discussion on Neanderthal Evolution. I also meant to take some photos when everyone arrived, but it slipped my mind.

Click to Enlarge

Tags: archaeology, digging, gcas
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