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Finishing Projects and Sebring Dig Photos

Greetings all,

I have been slowly finishing all the various projects I have been working on. Obviously, the Darwin Day presentation is done, as that day happened a few weeks back. I have completed an article called Historical Archaeology and the Stranahan Stores. This will be printed in the Ft. Lauderdale Historical Society’s newsletter and will advertise the little exhibit we put in there last year. I have finished mounting all the artifacts and writing all the text for the signage at the Children’s Museum of Boca Raton. Most of the text from that exhibit will be ‘cut and paste’ into the signs for the exhibit at the FAU library. No point in reinventing the wheel. I also have many of the artifacts for that exhibit pulled out of the collection; they just need to be mounted.

The main project remaining is the investigation of material from an archaeological site on the coast. Longtime readers should remember a few months back when I posted photos of a trip to the site. The plan is to finish the work, and present the findings at the upcoming FAS annual meeting. Once I get feedback at the conference, I hope to write another article for The Florida Anthropologist.

Of course, once these various things are finished, there are always new projects and events to work on. Although, I hope to hear soon if I have been accepted into the Ph.D. program at FAU. If that is the case, I will have to adjust my schedule. Rather than concentrating on events, I will need to work on original research on the archaeological collection. My hope is to have a significant portion of the osteological material at least preliminarily studied for usage in my dissertation. If I do not get into this program, the same research will be undertaken, but at a slower pace. My hope is that our Anthropology Department at the museum will become a central resource for human osteological study in South Florida. Although, due to time, funds, and the like, it will take a number of years to get everything truly researched and established.

Finally, here are the pictures from the dig over in Sebring.

Click to Enlarge

It took us about 3 hours to get up to Sebring. Because we still wanted to have a good day’s work in the field, we left at 6am in the morning.

Next up, you can see us consulting the maps, parking the van, and finally disappearing into the brush. In the photo on the left, you can see my fellow archaeologist's Robert and Rudy. And, on the photo on the right, can you find the blue van?

We were working in a variety of different environments on this site, and we had to track through them all. We had to deal with open plains, thick underbrush, and even a water feature.

It is amazing how quickly your fellow archaeologists can disappear into the wilderness. Oh, and it being Florida, despite being winter, it was hot and sunny.

Interestingly enough, a lot of our ‘work’ on this day was walking between the shovel tests. However, we did do some actual archaeology, as you can see. We dug 11 of these shovel tests, but we found nothing. Oh, and in the very last photo I decided I should be in at least one shot, so there I am.
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