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FAU Library Exhibit--Signage

Hello all,

I have some good news, but first some background

One of the primary reasons behind my agreement to do two exhibits on the Prehistory of Florida for the upcoming Florida Archaeology Month (FAM) was the notion of getting ‘two for one’ on a few factors. While going through the boxes of archaeological artifacts, pulling two pottery sherds instead of one is obviously an easy task. Another reason was (I hoped) I could utilize similar signage for each exhibit. Thereby, significantly reducing the workload. Infact, the writing aspect was the hardest part, the actual going through the archaeological archives was fun.

The good news, I have just finished editing the drafts for the signage of the FAU Library exhibit, and 90% of it was a straight ‘cut and paste’ from the text I wrote for the Children’s Museum installation. Now, I realize I am still up at 2am working, but without having to do significantly more writing for the signage, I can actually go to bed soon.

Oh, and if you click on the FAM website (see the link two paragraphs above), and search for events in Palm Beach County. Well, those three things that come up are our events. Hope to see you there (unless you do not live in South Florida, because then I think you have a good excuse for not coming).
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