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Quick One Again

Hello all,

Unfortunately, this is another quick update.

The Gold Coast Anthropological Society (GCAS) had our tour of the Ft. Lauderdale Historical Society two Sundays ago. It was an extremely good day out, and I think we all learnt something new about the history of South Florida.

We also did some activities in celebration of Florida Archaeology Month (FAM) at the Florida Atlantic University (FAU) library. I gave a lecture about The Prehistory of Southeast Florida in the morning and evening, along with a hands-on workshop in the afternoon. Everything went well, except that I forgot to bring calipers for measuring (plastic) human bones. Luckily, the FAU Anthropology Department allowed me to borrow a pair.

I am trying to finish up the work on the Boca Weir site, ready to present at the Florida Anthropology Society (FAS) annual meeting in May. In addition, I am attempting to bring together funding to carbon date this midden material, along with some items from an adjacent mound. Once this is done, I should be able to publish this data.

Speaking of publishing, I sent off the new version of my current article. This one addressed the issues raised by peer-review. I am still waiting to hear if there are further comments from the editors.

I am still waiting to hear about my application to the Ph.D. Comparative Studies program at FAU. If that does not come through, I may try to turn my dissertation topic into a book.

Once I have finished working on the paper presentation for the FAS conference, I may have more time to fully update.
Tags: boca weir, gcas, paper
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